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Aix-en-Provence: Provence, South of France

Provence, South of France

Founded in 123 B.C., this former capital of Provence is certainly one of the most precious jewels of the South of France, thanks to its "Good Life", historical architecture, culture, and active lifestyle.

The first thing that you notice is how the "Good Life" reigns there. The string of cafes along the Cours Mirabeau imbues the city with a dilettante atmosphere, as if Aix were an oasis protected by the stress of daily life by the vigorous flanks of the neighboring mountain, Sainte Victoire.

The historical facades of the ancient city transport you from the modernism of ancient Rome to the nobility of the 18th century by way of the majesty of the Middle Age. The steep, narrow cobble stoned streets form an inextricable labyrinth where you may voluntarily lose yourself in the hopes of finding some wandering manor owner or some extravagant troubadour.

Aix is above all celebrated for its cultural identity. Its recognized festival of classical music passes almost unperceived next to its illustrious residents like Paul Cezanne and other post-Impressionists passing through Vasarelli, who marked the city with their indelible palette.

Finally, itís a city in continual effervescence made so by the presence of its university, Aix-Marseille. Students from all four corners of Europe flock there, nevertheless they prefer the vaulted cellars which house local clubs.

Numerous reasons to study in Aix-en-Provence or at least stop by, to better take advantage of this enclave where time froze hundreds of years ago.

  Fred Thom

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