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Amores Perros Amores Perros
Taking place in Mexico City, Amores Perros is Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's first film. In a metropolis where 21 million people share urban space with roughly one million homeless dogs, it's inevitable for the two to meet. A brutal car crash intertwines the stories of three sets of people and their dogs, all trying to survive their own solitude.

Audition Audition
A daring masterpiece of relentless precision, Audition starts like a light comedy of manners and then slowly swings into an unbearable reality.

Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club
The now cult favorite music documentary from Wim Wenders about the Cuban Band Buena Vista Social Club.

Chopper Chopper
As ferocious in its humor as in its violence, Chopper follows the widely talked about journey of a colorful character.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Hong Kong martial arts, romance, magic, and drama combine to make a wonderful film. Ang Lee (The Ice Storm and Sense And Sensibility) has probably created the first Mandarin kung fu film that American girls can enjoy with their male counterparts.

Dead Or Alive Dead Or Alive
Breaking the conventions of Yakuza films in an ultimate act of rebellion against greedy producers, Takashi Miike made his reputation as an iconoclast filmmaker with Dead or Alive, a wobbly and self-destructive work.

Goya In Bordeaux Goya In Bordeaux
Carlos Saura's (Tango, Ay Carmela, Blood Wedding) latest endeavor brings the life and art of whom Andre Malraux considered the world's first modern painter onto the screen: Francisco de Goya (1746-1828). Saura's eye for art and humanity (as well as celebrating his love of Spanish arts) brings the full emotional force of Goya's passion and witness to war and history onto the screen.

Gozu Gozu
Freud himself would have given up deciphering Gozu, a narrative mix where a yakuza, at his life's end, starts to exterminate chihuahuas, convinced that the poor animals have fomented the destruction of his fellow human beings.

JSA Joint Security Area
Set in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, JSA, a military thriller from Chan Wook Park (Oldboy), is classic mystery fare with a political message of reconciliation in the background.

Millennium Mambo Millennium Mambo
As Millenium Mambo opens, following Qi Shu as she walks with an ecstatic grace on a bridge, almost floating in complete silence, you get instantly taken by the beauty of the scene, getting the feeling you're in for something unique. And it is.

Nosferatu the Vampyre Nosferatu the Vampyre
Seldom does an adaptation or remake equal the original work, all the more when this one is regarded as a classic of cinema. In 1979, the German director Werner Herzog succeeded in the impossible by offering his own version of Nosferatu, an obsessive film of great beauty.

Open your Eyes Open your Eyes
"Open your eyes, open your eyes" the alarm clock of the main character repeats tirelessly in the opening scene, like a programmed warning launched to the spectator who must be receptive and weary of what follows.

The Other Conquest The Other Conquest
Director Salvador Carrasco's first film has embarked on the North American continent. It is an ambitious film whose greatest failing is that is falls short of being a truly epic picture.

Ringu Ringu
Anchored in Japanese society the virus propagated by Ringu seems to spread well beyond its victims, contaminating spectators throughout the world.

Ringu 2 Ringu 2
Beginning where Ringu had left us, Ringu 2 seems to evade our expectations, hiding its own mythology to finally yield to the rules of formatted horror.

Sexy Beast Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast is everything most movies are not. A nice big package that includes cruelty, hilarity, a love story, and thrills.

Shiri Shiri
Nearly three years after its release in Korea, the American public can discover Shiri, a nervous and efficient action film from Kang Je-Kyu. Finding immediate success in Korea, Shiri made history by reaching the top of the box office, thus dethroning Titanic as the all-time champion.

Slogan Slogan
Filled with beautiful images and not much content, Pierre Grimblat's Slogan looks like a glossy fashion magazine, and had it not have been for the presence of its stars, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, it would have been forgotten.

Tell Me Something Tell Me Something
Gory, dark and gifted with a stylized aesthetic Tell Me Something is a South Korean variation on the serial killer genre.

Y Tu MamÀ También Y Tu MamÀ También
Full of life, sex and death, Y Tu MamÀ También is a ripe fruit to bite into and savor. And remember.

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