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9 Songs 9 Songs
Stripped of any plot device and aiming at capturing life, full-fleshed, in its most realistic incarnation, whether it's sounds or sweat, the film is structured around 9 Songs, intertwining the sexual romps of a couple with the 9 concerts that they attend.

All Ladies Do It All Ladies Do It
Based on Mozart's opera Cosi Fan Tutte, All Ladies Do It tackles the nature of human beings, clearly exposing the physical impossibility of the concept of fidelity.

Babes in Kong Land Babes in Kong Land
With typical ingredients such as mad scientists, slutty amazons and a baboon wearing a Hawaiian shirt, Bakes in Kong Land unsuccessfully aims at mixing eroticism, exotic locales and humor.

Bettie Page Pin Up Queen Bettie Page Pin Up Queen
An iconic incarnation of the pin-up, the sculptural Bettie Page has been haunting the fantasies of both men and women for more than half a century.

Bettie Page Bondage Queen Bettie Page Bondage Queen
Starting of her career as a glamour model, Bettie Page gained her worldwide notoriety when she put on her leopard outfit and became a master at being attached in front of Irving Klaw's camera.

Bettie Page Dark Angel Bettie Page Dark Angel
Bettie Page - Dark Angel offers reenactments of Page's emblematic vignettes, with a light biographical thread in the background.

The Beast The Beast
Upon its release, The Beast unleashed shock waves as critics reproached Walerian Borowczyk for having given up art for pornography. The film certainly is provocative, shocking and grotesque. However, behind the excesses, a symbolism hides where the director takes the opportunity to settle his accounts with certain myths.

Cheeky Cheeky
Among the latest productions by Tinto Brass, Cheeky is the most satisfying, because the girls are hot, by modern standards.

Cinderella 2000 Cinderella 2000
In the vein of Barberella and Flesh Gordon, Cinderella 2000 revisits a popular Grimm Brothers tale, injecting eroticism, music and spoof in the mix.

The Dreamers The Dreamers
From the inside of the apartment to quoting classics, both visually through clips and verbally through the characters constantly referring to films, Bertolucci has built his film like a museum, creating a shrine to cinema & sex.

Family Business Season 2 Family Business Season 2
Family Business is a reality show following Adam Glasser—aka Seymore Butts—a loving single dad whose job is making porn films.

Femme Fatale Femme Fatale
With Femme Fatale, Brian de Palma proposes an amused exercise in style, bright fireworks that voraciously embrace all the clichés of the genre and officiate as a parodied and baroque homage.

Forbidden Movies from the Brothels of Paris Forbidden Movies from the Brothels of Paris
In case you ever wondered if your grandparents could have been sexually wild, the answer might be clear, looking at Cult Epics' latest entry in its Vintage Erotica series, this time covering the 50's.

Gunilla Gunilla
I'm not familiar with Miss Suzanne Fields' body of work, but by watching Gunilla she seems to have had a fetish for kinky boots.

Kinky Kong Kinky Kong
With a title like Kinky Kong, we could have expected something juicy, but this King Kong spoof about a skin-flick director going with his cast to a remote island to shoot a movie falls flat.

The Key The Key
Directed by Tinto Brass, the grand master of Italian eroticism to whom we owe the famous bacchanalian orgies of Caligula, The Key is the spicy adaptation of a work by Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki, transposed in Venice during the pre-war period.

Lies Lies
Lies is a film about intense sexual relations, subversive and unacceptable behaviour, that displays a vibrant relationship between the two protagonists but also offers a deep insight into the human mind.

Lies The Marquis de Sade's Justine
Wrongly entitled The Marquis de Sade's Justine, this 1977 film is an interpretation of Sade's classic, rather than a faithful adaptation.

Caligula Miranda
Pushing the eroticism to the doors of pornography, Miranda is a basic work which is addressed exclusively to the softcore afficionado, forsaking the study of subjacent topics to the advantage of genuine vulgarity.

Private Private
This uncensored edition of Private, directed by Tinto Brass in 2003, gives a pretty good idea of what Italian Porn might be.

sacredflesh Sacred Flesh
Sacred Flesh relies on dialogues and symbolism, rather than just a series of depraved scenes involving nuns.

School of the Holy Beast School of the Holy Beast
Directed by Japanese sexploitation master, Norifumi Suzuki, School of the Holy Beast is probably one of the darkest and sadistic entries in the nunsploitation subgenre.

Shotbus Shortbus
All states of sex and sex in all its states: such is the proposal of Shortbus, a hedonistic tragi-comedy.

Suburban Secrets Suburban Secrets
Softcore veteran director Joe Sarno transposes the theme of his 1976 "classic" Misty into modern day, assembling a cast of regular people doing wild things

The Sea Inside Taylor Wane's Erotic Games
British adult star Taylor Wane and some of her friends share their fantasies with the feature intertwining —short — interviews and — long — sequences of girl-on-girl action.

Vintage Erotica Anno 1950 Vintage Erotica Anno 1950
In case you ever wondered if your grandparents could have been sexually wild, the answer might be clear, looking at Cult Epics' latest entry in its Vintage Erotica series, this time covering the 50's.

Vintage Erotica Anno 1940 Vintage Erotica Anno 1940
Continuing its exploration of the weirdest moments of cinema, Cult Epics brings us Vintage Erotica anno 1940, a collection of French porn vignettes covering the early years of celluloid sex from 1900 to 1940.

Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 Vintage Erotica Anno 1920
The 1920 entry is undoubtedly the most entertaining of the DVD series Vintage Erotica.

100 Girls By Bunny Yeager 100 Girls By Bunny Yeager
A former beauty contest winner and model, Bunny Yeager became one of the most popular glamour photographers back in the 50's, specializing in candid shots on the beach in Florida and having her work published in several magazines, including Playboy.

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