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9 Songs 9 Songs
Stripped of any plot device and aiming at capturing life, full-fleshed, in its most realistic incarnation, whether it's sounds or sweat, the film is structured around 9 Songs, intertwining the sexual romps of a couple with the 9 concerts that they attend.

24 Hour Party People 24 Hour Party People
Winterbottom is back in Cannes with a film that will undoubtedly only speak to a certain generation and a particular public. If you are not familiar with bands like Joy Division and Happy Mondays, you might get bored unless you find the adventures of a music label producer appealing. For others, it's visual and musical jubilation.

Control Control
Focusing on the personal life of Joy Division's singer, Ian Curtis, during his rise to fame, Control is based on a biographical book by his wife.

The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
Released in 1980, Julian Temple's cult mockumentary retraces the story of the Sex Pistols from the point of view of their notorious manager, Malcolm McLaren.

Joy Division Joy Division
The strength of this documentary is without a doubt how it gives us good insight into the life of Joy Division.

The Harder They Come The Harder They Come
Perry Henzell's 1973 film, stars reggae great Jimmy Cliff as a Jamaican country boy turned Kingston gangster who'll stop at nothing to make an album and die a legend.


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