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SuicideGirls by Missy Suicide
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Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile

Takes up where The Downward Spiral left off 4 years ago. Nine Inch Nails does Nine Inch Nails, again and always. But should we really complain about such a guilty pleasure?

Snog: Beyond the Valley of the Proles Snog: Beyond the Valley of the Proles

Snog turns in a rollicking musical banquet on their new disk. If only their lyrics were half as good, we'd have quite a feast on our hands.

VAST: Music For People VAST: Music For People

With its evocative title, the goal of Music For People is clear: Jon Crosby, the man behind VAST, is attempting to move from a critical success to a more commercial success. Less innovative than its predecessor, this second album distills VAST’s original sound into fatter production for a suitable though unsurprising result.

VAST: Vast VAST: Vast

Imagine the impossible marriage of Dead Can Dance with the somber industrial sounds of Killing Joke. VAST unexpectedly thrives, mixing antagonistic styles with success. The album is a clever blend of electric and acoustic guitars, samples of Gregorian chants and from the group Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, electronic rhythms, and threatening vocals.

Zeromancer: Clone Your Lover Zeromancer: Clone Your Lover

After setting the German alternative scene ablaze in 2000 Clone Your Lover, the first album of industrial group Zeromancer, finally lands on our shores.


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