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Saint Etienne: Finisterre Saint Etienne: Finisterre
Synth-pop masters Saint Etienne return with a new album of beat-heavy synthesizers and warm melodic vocals, creating a collection of uplifting and exciting electronic dance songs.

Soft Cell: Cruelty Without Beauty Soft Cell: Cruelty Without Beauty
Marc Almond and Dave Ball have survived their dark early days with their senses of humor, as well as their musical talent, intact.

Yoko Solo: The Beeps Yoko Solo: The Beeps
Yoko Solo's music is indeed full of beeps and if you like bleeps you will certainly get your dose of weird tricked out sounds.

Sounds Like Sex 2 Sounds Like Sex 2: Sounds Like Sex 2
The success of this album is partly due to the presence of good female vocalists, which make these songs not only stand out but also memorable.

Sylver: Nighttime Calls Sylver: Nighttime Calls
As I was listening to Slyver's Nightime Calls, a question came to my mind as to whether or not dance aficionados are dumb.

Thievery Corporation: Abductions and Reconstructions Thievery Corporation: Abductions and Reconstructions
Thievery Corporation compiles finally its best remixes. The work of a sliversmith for a listener victim of spleen.

This Is Electroclash This Is Electroclash: This Is Electroclash
In the busy, encumbered universe of electroclash compilations, This Is Electroclash distinguishes itself from its competitors with its original approach of paralleling the pioneers of the genre with the new wave.

Underworld: Beaucoup Fish Underworld: Beaucoup Fish
Contrary to its predecessor, Beaucoup Fish is convincing and demonstrates that Underworld is not just a soundtrack band.

U.K.Heights: Ambients U.K.Heights: Ambients
In a time where rock music is all the rage, the UK Heights succeeds in blending synthesized and natural sounds into a seamlessly smooth album of dreamy atmospherics.

Putumayo Presents: World Groove Putumayo Presents: World Groove
Putamayo continues its musical exploration of the world with this new compilation peppered by a strong European and Mediterranean vibe.

Made Gold Various Artists: Made Gold Part 1
With Made Gold Part 1, Made Records offers a collection of remixes of dance hits from its label.

Regress Classics Part 1 Various Artists: Regress Classics Part 1
Another compilation from Made Records, this time focusing on more underground dance cuts. Featuring the likes of Jimmy Van M, Flatline, Mavi, Pappa/Gilbey and Nema.

Verve Remixed 3 Verve: Remixed 3
Surfing through the styles, from diva anthems to smooth bossa nova grooves, Verve Remixed 3 keeps the vibe going.

Natalie Walker: Urban Angel Natalie Walker: Urban Angel
Urban Walker is the kind of album you would expect from somebody who collaborated with The Thievery Corporation.


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