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SuicideGirls by Missy Suicide
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Einsturzende Neubauten: Perpetuum Mobile Einsturzende Neubauten: Perpetuum Mobile

Songs on Perpetuum Mobile use tapped pipes and air compressors, but the long droning notes of background for a foreground of noise have given way to more prominent melodies and notes on keyboard and strings.

Filter: The Amalgamut Filter: The Amalgamut

For their third album Filter has decided to flex their muscle to be in sync with today's trends. As a result, The Amalgamut is an untidy and hardly homogeneous effort that cruelly lacks spontaneity while the melodious songs are drowned in an indigestible racket.

Filter: Title Of Record Filter: Title Of Record

A far cry from being a total change of hats, Title of Record this time varies the pleasures, alternating their classic explosions of rage with melodious mid-tempo ballads with almost acoustic tones.

Front 242: Pulse + Still & Raw Front 242: Pulse + Still & Raw

Front 242 showcases their experimental side in a long-awaited full-length studio album, but it's the EP released simultaneously that's worth your money.

Love & Rockets: Lift Love & Rockets: Lift

A decade after their hit "So Alive", Love & Rockets are back in force with a new sound, a hybrid of Daniel Ash's sparse songwriting and of techno turbulences .

The Mission: Aura The Mission: Aura

Though The Mission reached the summit of their art with Carved in Sand in 1990, the band had since sunk into oblivion, after a fistful of uninspired albums and the successive departures of its original members. Returning to the sources of their gothic and lyrical rock, with Aura Wayne Hussey signals a long-awaited comeback album.


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