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Madonna: American Life Madonna: American Life
This is definitely not the most commercial record Madonna's released—there's an initially surprising rawness that gives way to vulnerability.

Madonna: GHV2 Madonna: GHV2
Though lately I've cringed at the thought of greatest hits packages, I realized 11 years have passed since The Immaculate Collection and it is time to pluck ripe apples from the Mrs. Ritchie orchard. Despite a few boomerangs, GHV2 is worth a trip to the record store.

Madonna: Music Madonna: Music
It’s not called Lyrics, and for good reason. Madonna’s latest release is a true release of pop energy and dance. It combines Madonna’s signature songs with French techno master Mirwais Ahmadzai, an acoustic guitar, and polished touches by William Orbit. Song titles include the words "Impressive, amazing, perfect, paradise"—and if that’s not a hint for fun I don’t know what is.

Miss Kittin: First Album Miss Kittin: First Album
As the title indicates, First Album is the first solo effort from Miss Kittin, an icon of the European electro scene who has lent her voice to such acts as Felix da Housecat. Backed by the Hacker, who brings his dark rhythms and disturbing melodies, she recites a series of obscene and shocking litanies that the Lords of Acid would envy.

Moby: 18 Moby: 18
18 might as well have been called "Replay", as Moby applies the same formula here that proved to be magic on Play. The success of 18 will therefore depend on our need for his music as a soundtrack to our everyday life.

Moby: Play Moby: Play
After his failed attempt on the loop of punk attitude (Animal Rights), Moby comes back to his roots with Play, thus proving that he is still capable of playing Moby.

Mudville: Iris Nova Mudville: Iris Nova
With a dull prefrabicated electronic sound and cliches galore, chances are you won't walk away impressed with Mudvilles most recent release.

New Order: Get Ready New Order: Get Ready
Whereas the idea of a new New Order would have lent itself to smirks a few years ago, given the sinuous course of its members since the insipid Republic, Get Ready proves to be a solid album for a welcome return.

Nigtmares On Wax: Carboot Soul Nigtmares On Wax: Carboot Soul
Groovy, dub, soul, electronic. Carboot soul builds a bridge between everything that makes today's music.

Nortec Collective: The Tijuana Sessions Vol 1 Nortec Collective: The Tijuana Sessions Vol 1
By combining vibrant Norteño music from northern Mexico with more modern electronic sounds, the musicians of the Tijuana-based Nortec Collective spearhead a new movement with this hypnotic album. At the same time, the project put their city on the map as an electronic pole on the same level as London, Paris and Chicago.

Nymph: Geek Pop Star Nymph: Geek Pop Star
Geek Pop Star delivers a series of catchy tunes which benefit from great arrangements and excellent production.

Omega Point Records: Burton L, Corporate MF, Ming & Ping, Avenpitch Omega Point Records: Burton L, Corporate MF, Ming & Ping, Avenpitch
A full service label representing artists that are opening more doors into the diversity of electronic music.

Josh One: Narrow Path Josh One: Narrow Path
Narrow Path is the debut album from Josh One, who gained fame on dance floors with the single "Contemplation".

Orbital: The Middle of Nowhere Orbital: The Middle of Nowhere
Following the experimental and widely acclaimed In Sides, this new Orbital album is certainly the most accessible delivery from the band

Palm Beats Volume One Palm Beats: Volume One
Featuring nine tracks showcasing the various approaches of rhythm in an ethnic context, Palm Beats Volume One compiles sounds from Latin America to Africa, which blend in the general dub vibe of the CD.

Pea Green Boat: Two Way Traffic Pea Green Boat: Two Way Traffic
A member of a collective born from the Leeds electronic scene, Pea Green Boat infuses deep house and Warp influences in their music in order to offer some electronic peregrinations in weightlessness.

Peaches: Teaches of Peaches Peaches: Teaches of Peaches
Although she's been associated with the electro revival, Peaches distinguishes herself from her congeners with her more varied musical approach and disturbing punk rock attitude.

The Postal Service: Give Up The Postal Service: Give Up
Two musical pen pals create a perfect blend of indie pop and electro. Is this the birth of yet another new genre? Let's hope so.

Primal Scream: Evil Heat Primal Scream: Evil Heat
Between punk-rock urgency and electronic psychedelica, Evil Heat is, in the continuity of Xtrmntr, a federal album embracing to the extreme the influences of a band that embodies the aspirations of modernized rock.

Primal Scream: Xtrmntr Primal Scream: Xtrmntr
Xtrmntr is the unavoidable album from one of the most influential bands from the electronic scene. With Xtrmntr, Primal Scream returns to set the record straight and retake its place in the pantheon of electronic music. Far from recycling their recipe to success, they prove that they are still innovative with one of the most important albums of the genre, just as The Contino Sessions by Death In Vegas recently was.

Prodigy Present: The Dirtchamber Sessions Prodigy Present: The Dirtchamber Sessions
Solo DJ exercise of The Prodigy’s musical nucleus, Liam Howlett, can be summed up in one word: unequal. The majority of the tracks are more or less close fitting , which renders this cocktail successful at times and indigestible at others.


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