Boarding Gate review

:. Director: Olivier Assayas
:. Starring: Asia Argento, Michael Madsen
:. Running Time: 1:45
:. Year: 2007
:. Country: France


The stench of Demonlover permeates Olivier Assayas's latest film. After Clean, a touching and masterful story of redemption in the world of rock, and its counterpart, drugs, he makes a chic B movie between Paris and Hong-Kong. In Boarding Gate we find all of the failings of the overly pretentious aforementioned Demonlover.

It is a story which fails in every respect to interest the audience, and it ends up scattered in all directions by not following the rules of this kind of film. A handheld camera does not deliver any other message other than to hurry you to the bathroom to return your lunch. All this along with supporting characters too badly sketched to interest you in their fate.

In passing, Assayas films Hong-Kong like a vulgar tourist. A [famed Hong Kong director] Johnny To he is not. For all that, he manages to transcribe his love for rock and roll in the soundtrack as much as in images onscreen. What gives?

  Moland Fengkov
  Translated into English by Anji Milanovic

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